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BlackPeopleMeet Review
声望 3.8/5.0
Features 4.0/5.0
安全 4.0/5.0
Ease of Use 4.1/5.0


Since 2002, BlackPeopleMeet has established itself as the largest black dating site for singles in the US. Thousands of African-American and biracial men and women use this platform to search for friendship, romance, and love online. You can join them by taking two minutes out of your day to create a free dating profile. BlackPeopleMeet’s vast dating network includes people of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds, so you’ll have plenty of options as you browse for matches online.


User Base
普及(访问/ Mo)的
5.7 Million*

BlackPeopleMeet is the largest dating network for black and biracial singles in the US. It includes a diverse blend of races and ethnic groups.

As one of the most popular niche dating sites around, BlackPeopleMeet sees over 5.7 unique visits each month and has over 5 million members in its network.



BlackPeopleMeet Other Features

Match System

  • Send flirts and favorite profiles for free.
  • 按年龄搜索,邮政编码,身高,民族,宗教,生肖等。
  • See who’s visited your profile or given you gifts.
  • 每日火柴和你有兴趣现在的成员与一个简单的是或在时间上的一个配置文件中没有投票权。
  • 使用令牌送虚拟礼物,促进自己的网站上,并获取增强匹配功能。
  • Only subscribed members can send and receive emails on the site.
  • 他们还可以看到谁在通过查看收藏夹,调情,赞成票和照片喜欢显示的网站在他们的兴趣。
  • 请将您的手机号码拨打,并使用ConnectMe短信私人。


  • 预脚本的问候可以很容易地开始新的人交谈。
  • Instant messaging is available for paid subscribers.
  • 组搜索过滤器,只显示有照片,新成员或成员在线会员。
  • PromoteMe让成员跳转到搜索结果的顶部为一小时。
  • NotifyMe运筹学成员时,在接下来的7天,特定的人登录到该网站。
  • MatchMe允许成员把自己置身于另一个人的日常匹配,以确定利益是相互的。您必须上传个人资料照片,使用此功能。
  • 官方BlackPeopleMeet应用程序是在Apple Store和谷歌Play提供。


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Ease of Use

签署了BlackPeopleMeet是一件轻而易举的事。All it takes is an email address, username, and birthday, and you’re in. Then you can finish filling in the details of your profile (i.e. a little about me, personality questions, and top interests), or you can skip ahead and start searching for a match. It’s up to you.

One step you shouldn’t skip — especially if you’re serious about meeting someone online — is uploading a profile picture. This is technically optional, but, real talk, no one is going to message someone who doesn’t have a picture. That’s way too sketchy. You can distinguish yourself from the spammers by adding at least one decent picture of yourself. BlackPeopleMeet even offers to choose a photo from Facebook to make things easier on you. According to the dating site, profiles with photos receive 10 times as much attention as profiles without photos, so it may be worth scrolling through your gallery to find a good headshot.

你也应该仔细考虑你把开放式推荐给我们 - 关于自己动手的部分是什么(这也是可选的,顺便说一句)。BlackPeopleMeet提供了示例答案给新成员的灵感,但随时让你自己。您应该确保不管你说什么准确地反映了你是谁,你在寻找的网站上的内容。


Of course, you won’t be able to send that message unless you’re a paid subscriber on the site. Only members with one-month, three-month, or six-month subscription plans (these plans renew automatically, so watch out) can read or send messages on BlackPeopleMeet. Paid members can also see any favorites, flirts, or likes that come their way. And they can buy a bundle of tokens to access premium features, such as profile highlights and virtual gifts.

当然,网上交友者想知道一个交友平台的安全性如何为加盟之前。你不希望在一个粗略的现场充满了虚假的个人资料上浪费时间。不要担心 - BlackPeopleMeet是不错的一个。


On its website, BlackPeopleMeet urges its members to take proper safety precautions and uphold the standards of the dating site. User safety is a high priority for the site’s administrators, who recommend never sharing personal information with anyone you recently met online. BlackPeopleMeet further directs its members to help and support lines in case of emergency.



Pros of BlackPeopleMeet

  • A lot of userful search filters available for free.
  • Large user base gives black and biracial singles plenty of options.
  • 详细档案包括个性问题,基本统计资料,兴趣,和相册。
  • 多达四个留言理念出现在BlackPeopleMeet约会概况和帮助成员打破僵局。
  • A premium token system allows people to upgrade their experiences and get results.
  • The dating site provides safety tips and the numbers for 24-hour hotlines.
  • Hundreds of success stories show that the dating site can make a difference in people’s lives.

Cons of BlackPeopleMeet

  • 因此,许多匹配特征可以是混乱或压倒给新用户。
  • 包月计划账单的订户一个大的一笔自动更新。
  • Limited free communication.

The Bottom Line



Signing up to BlackPeopleMeet could be a game changer for singles out there hoping to date someone with a diverse background. BlackPeopleMeet claims the spot as the top dating site and app for African Americans, and it promises a positively enthralling online dating experience for anyone willing to give it a try. Because, you know what they say, once you go black, you’ll never go back.



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