7 Easy Ways to Ace Your Zoom, Skype, FaceTime & Other Video Dates


7 Easy Ways to Ace Your Zoom, Skype, FaceTime & Other Video Dates

Julie Spira
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如果对视频或虚拟日期的念头已经越过你的头脑,你并不孤单。在这个时候社会距离时,need to connect is essential, and we now have the bandwidth to do that online.




Here’s how to get started with virtual dating to help you find your digital soul mate.



Dating during a quarantine有不同的速度,许多单身人士,ti吗金宝博me it takes to go from searching for a match to actually making contact has accelerated. Like most people today, you’re probably home with time on your hands and your mobile phone at your side.

Photo of video date



Consider this time your real-life “Love is Blind” experiment and, if you click ‘yes,’ set a goal of meeting in person when it’s safe to do so.

2. Decide on a Date and Time


However, the one thing you should be doing is moving your match forward because singles desire connection. That’s why I recommend scheduling a video date after a few promising chat exchanges for the next day or two so you can take the time to be prepared.

Just as you’d look at your calendar and schedule coffee on a Thursday at 3 p.m., you should ask your date if they’d like to go on a virtual date, select the time, and不取消.


To help singles find a date or a partner online during COVID-19 restrictions, several dating apps have released in-app video features, and all are encouraging daters to go on video dates, even if they choose to use an outside software program.

A few years ago, you were limited mostly to Skype and FaceTime, butZoom chats are soaringin popularity, and, with the side-by-side view on your screen, it’s an option I recommend. Remember, you’ll need to send your date a Zoom invite so he or she knows what Zoom Room to meet you in.


From Skype to Zoom to FaceTime, you have a lot of options.

FaceTime is an easy way to go on a video date if you have an Apple device or computer. Try using a dating app with in-app video features such as Bumble and The League Live, or newly announced video features on eHarmony, Plenty Of Fish, and Match, if you’ve met on those dating apps.

Video calls or chats on Bumble’s platform last almost 21 minutes, and I’ve been coaching singles on limiting first-date calls to 20 minutes using audio or video. Bumble also makes it easier to find dates agreeable to video calls by allowing you to post a “Virtual Dating Badge” on your profile so users will know you’re video-chat friendly.

4. Choose an Activity



Only 15% said they prefer watching a movie or TV show together, and if you rock your first video date, suggest binge-watching a show together for the next time.

I’ve recommended anything from going on virtual tours of museums around the world, to playing trivia games or watching a live living room concert together.

5. Select the Perfect Outfit

It’s time to go shopping in your closet. That favorite sexy red top you like to wear with jeans on a coffee date or the fun dress that makes you smile when you look in the mirror are perfect pieces for your first video dates.

Michael Kaye, Global Marketing Manager at OkCupid concurs. He tells me that 78% of survey respondents said they’d get dressed up for a virtual date.


Please, please, please remember to put pants on.


And remember to wear pants, as there have been too many viral videos ofpeople only dressing from the waist up而自我隔离。

For the ladies, it’s time to get out your makeup palette from the dusty drawer. While you’re not attempting to create a glamour shot, you should add some lipstick, which looks great on video.

For the guys, you need to ditch the sweats and put on a shirt that you’d typically wear on a date. Try to avoid wearing white and black or horizontally striped shirts. A blue T-shirt or sweater is perfect.


The best time of day to go on a video date isjust before sunset或者在一个时间,你可以坐在旁边的自然采光的窗口。如果你能够设置您的手机上您的庭院或花园的立场,你就会有自然光线应该很好地工作。

I recommend investing about $25 to $50 in a ring light, and they’re all the rage now. You don’t have to have a television studio in your living room, but placing a ring light or a lamp directly in front of you, will help you get camera-ready.



OnDating in the Age of COVID-19, a site I created to help singles during the coronavirus pandemic, I go on dress rehearsal dates with singles to check their lighting and background, and to provide a positive and upbeat list of questions and answers before your first big virtual date.

You can also do this on your own by having a friend call on FaceTime or your favorite video chat software to make sure your framing and lighting looks great. Your friends will notice things that you aren’t seeing such as a pile of garbage, or a cluttered desk in the background.

If You Take It One Step at a Time, You’ll Do Fine!

Remember, it’s a date and not a deposition. Don’t over-Google your date before your initial online meeting, stick to a positive script instead of discussing the coronavirus-related news cycle, and you’ll be off to a great start.