Best Non Traditional Lesbian Date Ideas

Lesbian Dating

6 Best Non-Traditional Lesbian Date Ideas

Dr. Frankie
Dr. Frankie Posted:

Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting, so let’s be honest: Sometimes you just don’t want to do the same old, same old dinner-and-a-movie or coffee date.

Like, when it’s your first date with the girl you finally got the guts to ask out after years of crushing on her. Or perhaps your ex has decided to give you one more chance, and you’re feeling the pressure to plan something special the first time you two spend time together again. Or maybe you’ve justbeen in a rutfor a while and want to spice things up beyond a Netflix night on the couch.

Whatever your situation, I want to try and help you out here. So I have decided to put together a list of some fun and alternative date night ideas for you.

1. Take the Movie Outside

Do you love movie night, but you’re sick of the couch? How about trying one of these ways to change it up?

Go to an outdoor movie theater. You know —a drive-in. You might be surprised if you do a little online research and find that there are still a few of these around. Even if you find one that might be a little farther away than expected, you can make a weekend of it. Book a hotel in the area, find a few places to eat, and have an amazing time.

Or check out local events on Facebook or online, and see if any parks are hosting twilight movie nights on a big screen. These usually happen in the summer months. What could be better than bringing a big blanket, a picnic basket full of your favorite food, and a bottle of wine and snuggling up under the stars to watch a flick?

Another option, if you have a big enough backyard and the financial means, is to rent or buy a big screen, a projector, and speakers. Then set up a romantic movie theater for two on your own property. Complete the whole night with white twinkle lights in the trees, add some popcorn and your favorite movie snacks, and you have all the makings for a fun night.

2. Redo Your First Date

Sometimes you have been together so long that you forget what it was like in the beginning. You may feel you are in a rut or find your relationship going through a rough spot, and you need to be reminded about what brought you two together in the first place.

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做同样的事情你did on your first date will bring up all those special feelings again.

When is the last time you thought about your first date? Thebutterflies you felt in your stomach?看到彼此之前的瞬间的预期?

Recreate your first date by meeting in the same place (or somewhere similar if it’s not possible to go to the actual place). Try to remember as many of the details as possible, and have fun with this. You can reminisce all night about what you both remember about that date, or pretend you are actually back in time and converse as if you are actually your 20- or 30-year-old selves.

3. Visit a Psychic

You don’t have to actually believe in psychics or in the paranormal to have a fun time with this date. If nothing else, why not go in with an open mind, and see what they have to say about the two of you?

It could turn out to be, at minimum, a fun experience so long as you both have a sense of humor with this and not decide to make any major decisions about your relationship based on any negative things you may be told. Taken in the right perspective, this is sure to be a trulyunforgettable date.

4. Book a Hotel Room in Town

Spice things up! Let your loved one know in a midday text or through a card you sneak into their bag before they head out for the day that they need to meet you in Room 2012 at that fancy hotel downtown after work.

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Sometimes doing something as simple as staying in a different place for the night can spice things up.

Get there early and surprise them with all those things you know your partner likes. Maybe it’s a couple glasses of wine and chocolates. Maybe it’s you wearing lingerie. Maybe it’s an in-house couples massage booked by the hotel spa. Maybe it’s a warm bath drawn for them. Maybe it’s a romantic meal at the hotel restaurant or via room service.

There’s nothing quite like getting away…without the stressof actually having to go too far.

5. Play Truth or Dare

Whether it is a new relationship or one you have been in for some time, what could be more fun than tapping into your inner teenager?

This is a fun way to get to know and see an entirely different, goofy side of one another. What could be better than daring your partner to dance around the house while singing their favorite childhood song?

And, while sharing more “truths” with each other can be fun, it can also lead to amore intimate connection, bringing you closer together than ever before.


Who says date night has to only be the two of you? Sometimes the best thing you can do for your relationship is to spend time with your friends.

One great way to do this is byhosting a game nighttogether. Not only will this be a ton of fun, but it can bring you two closer together.


Sometimes it helps to have another couple around to remind you how you feel about your partner.

You need to work as a team to coordinate the event, and, by hosting the event as a couple, it also leaves no doubt about the status of your relationship (if there was any).

The Most Important Thing is to Give It Effort!

I know that sometimes reading an article about new and different ideas, like the ones I mentioned above, can initially sound like things you would never want to do. These ideas truly may not sound interesting or feasible to you.

But, if you do find yourself in a dating rut or wanting to take someone out and do something out of the ordinary, give these ideas a second thought. Who knows? You might just find yourself having more fun than expected. Happy dating!