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I’ve been a matchmaker and dating and relationship coach for many years, and I’ve studied relationships and been in relationships for many years. In that time, I’ve worked with people from different backgrounds who all were seeking to learn how to live happily with their partners. And I’ve learned to identify the glue that保持夫妻在一起

Learning to think like your partner and sharing your way of thinking with him helps keep the intrinsic nature of the relationship invigorating and interesting.


1. Be Adventuresome, and Travel a Lot Together


To me, traveling with a partner also gives you an idea of his strengths and whether his strengths can compensate for your weaknesses. Nothing can be achieved if a dating couple knows how to build a fire, but no one knows how to cook.


Exploring the world will allow you to experience good times as well as bad times together.

我所想的那么公式的关系。你知道答案的方程式 - 在爱与和谐生活在一起。但是,在这个问题的答案意味着承认并知道如何应对扔进这个方程的所有变量到达。



I would like to think that once you both have reached a threshold of comfort, it’s OK to fall on your face if something goes haywire. You’ve achieved a level of trust that allows you to feel secure in being your true self with your partner and vice versa. We all need to admit to ourselves and our partners that there are times when we are at our worst.



我们可能都经历过的comfort of a predictable life。从一天到另一知道某事或某人是给我们构建创建安全的在我们的生活感例程。这是好事。从我们可以计划和梦想,安全的地方。





Even if it’s just a surprise phone call to check in during the day, you are showing your partner you care about him.


I thought I would experiment, so I introduced him to some men who were 5 foot, 8 inches tall. I wanted him to see things more from of a macro level than a micro level.

I thought height might not matter if my client’s potential partner had other more important things in common with him like his lifestyle and career endeavors. Although I didn’t introduce this client to the love of his life, I received a rather interesting call from him months after his membership had ended.

He thanked me for introducing him to shorter men as he was now engaged to one and was happier than ever. His adamance was a blind spot in his idea of true happiness. I’m happy he took the leap, and, when he did, he realized the grass was a little more interesting on the other side.

3. Be Gracious, and Make Sure the Relationship is Balanced

Every relationship has its highs and lows. That is just human nature. Some couples run into stressful times, while others in similar circumstances might not. An internal radar for these types of situations is an amazing tool to have to keep a relationship strong and interesting.


There should be some sort of natural cadence to a relationship that makes it flow and come from一个地方的感激之情


However, I started to realize that my new friend group was making me pay almost every time. Before moving to L.A., I was never programmed to think someone was taking advantage of me. I never had to think that way. I would consider myself naive back then, but it made me realize a very valuable lesson.

Both partners expressing gratitude toward one another will help keep a relationship strong.



When they would travel together, my grandmother would cook, my grandfather would do the dishes. Together they would take my brother and I bowling as kids because they enjoyed us enjoying the time with them.


You Can Keep Someone Interested While Not Ignoring Your Wants and Needs

Being with someone you like is a wonderful feeling, and we all often worry about keeping that momentum going in a relationship. If you’re courteous, kind, and observant, then it should be pretty easy to do. Spending time together and making small, gracious gestures will really go a long way.

However, make sure that you’re not ignoring your own wants, needs, and feelings while you’re trying to please your partner. It’s a two-way street to保持关系有趣