Thrive In Your Relationship During Covid 19


5 Strategies to Thrive in Your Relationship or Marriage During COVID-19

Rachel Dack
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Even the happiest of couples are finding themselves in new relationship territory as social distancing and orders to安身的地方继续因COVID-19。

Since the option to engage in a social life and activities outside of the house has been eliminated, couples are faced with potentially endless time together and new areas of conflict.

与你的伴侣生活,而经历了冠状病毒疫情的加剧焦虑看上去好像是一个非常艰巨的任务。您可能已经注意到,你和你的伴侣的互相推搡的按钮和fighting moreas a result of living in tight quarters.

And, for many couples, it’s not just a party of two. In addition to working from home, many couples are caring for their children and managing their homeschooling, planning meals, and taking care of pets. A significant portion of the population may also be handling financial and/or job losses, and persevering through pre-existing mental health disorders. The result is a relationship that is under increased stress.



Regardless of your situation, you can take steps to ensure that the natural stress you and your partner feel during this pandemic doesn’t permanently destroy your relationship.

Here are five tips so you and your partner not only survive but thrive through the coronavirus epidemic:


This tip is especially important if you have a history of anxiety, panic disorder, and/or OCD because COVID-19 canmake any underlying symptoms worse. While the hope is that you have a supportive partner, it is vital that you take your own mental health seriously and manage anxiety through healthy coping skills.

Remind yourself that it is natural to feel anxious while living through a pandemic. However, letting your anxiety or OCD run the show (as opposed to listening to scientific data and金宝博苹果下载从公共健康专家的建议and epidemiologists) will result in a higher level of discomfort and suffering. Make the commitment to stay informed but limit your exposure to news, social media, and nonstop chatting about COVID-19 so you avoid information overload.

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It’s important to develop skills to cope with mental health issues together as well as separate.

Allow yourself to check reliable news sources one to two times a day, and set limits on how much time you spend researching and discussing anything coronavirus-related. Do your best to营造健康的生活习惯和常规,为你工作。

考虑将身体活动或艺术运动nt into your daily routine and get into the habit of preparing nutritious meals. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep and relaxation, including some time to virtually catch up with friends and family. Use technology wisely, including working with a mental health professional through phone or video.

Also, understand that你和你的伴侣可能有不同的风格的应对with the stress that the coronavirus breeds, and that’s OK. What’s important is communicating and taking proactive measures to take care of yourself and each other.

2. Highlight Appreciation and Gratitude Toward Your Partner

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself becoming annoyed by the little things your partner does. Stress can make us impatient, in general, but being critical of your partner will only increase tension and dissatisfaction.

Pointing out the positives andexpressing gratitudewill go a long way in the health of your relationship. Acknowledge with frequent expressions of gratitude the helpful things your partner is doing.

For example, verbalize your appreciation when your partner keeps your children occupied during an important work call or prepares you a delicious dinner. Letting your partner know what you appreciate and being gentle with each other will help you feel more connected.


You and your partner may have different definitions of personal space. Since the usual time apart (through jobs, social outlets, and activities outside of your home) no longer exists, you may be feeling suffocated by so much more contact with your partner and less contact with others.


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For example, if you are more extroverted and your partner is more introverted, social distancing may be harder on you. Communicate with your partner that it is important for you to spend time with friends and family virtually, and keep up with your other relationships from afar. It may be equally important for your partner to have space and alone time for rejuvenation. Maybe you can allot time for your partner to read a book while you arrange a Zoom get-together for you and your friends.



Maintaining a positive relationship with your partner as youadjust to life in crisis可能是你心中的最后一件事。是的,这是真的,现在可能是一个合适的时间来改变或降低您的期望,但它也是重要的共同努力,通过这个史无前例的时间来获得。

提出问题,比如“我能做些什么来支持你吗?”和“你需要我做什么?”将有助于增进亲密和团结。您的需求可能在这种独特的情况正在改变,你可能有重新协商时间和空间上分开。如实回答这些问题,让你的伴侣才反应过来,快到用真诚的兴趣与判断的谈话。如果你发现自己的战斗更多,check out my advice战斗公正和建设性的交流。


Again, working on your relationship andgetting your spark backmay be on the back burner as you both juggle anxiety, financial hardships, work from home, and taking care of kids.



Order food in, make a meal from scratch, watch a new movie, light candles: Do whatever you have to do to make the night feel special.


Don’t wait for the coronavirus to end to go on dates.Plan them in your houseor outside and soak in some vitamin D with your partner at a safe distance from others.


Life prior to the coronavirus outbreak may now feel like distant memories. We’ve all had to make lifestyle changes that naturally have an impact on our relationships and marriages.

搞清楚如何适应这一新的现实may take time, patience, and lots of communication, but if you put in some effort, your relationship or marriage can still thrive, offer contentment, and stand the test of time and the coronavirus.