Thinx Inc. Promotes the Speax Line so Women Feel Comfortable & Sexy in Leak-Free Underwear


Thinx Inc. Promotes the Speax Line so Women Feel Comfortable & Sexy in Leak-Free Underwear

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version:Thinx Inc.已经创造显着的吸收尚未超薄内衣制作的内衣行业引起一阵轰动。该Thinx线可以保护人们在数天内(无需垫或卫生棉条),其Speax线可以让他们干,膀胱泄漏的情况下,舒服。在这些内裤吸收和防异味技术可以让您自由移动,工作,去你的一天,无需担心楼下任何泄漏。另外,所有Thinx产品可清洗,可重复使用,这是对环境比其他一次性使用的产品更好。金宝博

I was 15 and going to a high school dance with a hot date on my arm for the first time, so the night should’ve been incredibly romantic, right? Sadly, not quite.

About an hour after we got to the dance floor, I noticed the butterflies in my stomach were getting a little angry, so my date and I sat down to talk for a while. I thought maybe I’d eaten too many slices of pizza, but eventually another more alarming possibility occurred to me, and a trip to the bathroom confirmed it. My period was two weeks early.


Thinx Inc. has created an underwear line that can absorb period and bladder leaks.

To this day, my date has no idea why I disappeared for 45 minutes during the dance. He didn’t see me rush to all my besties to ask if they were carrying an emergency tampon (none of them were), and he didn’t know I ended up borrowing a cellphone to call a friend’s mom (I didn’t bring my phone, and my mom was out of town) so I could make a secret exchange that was truly one of the most mortifying experiences of my teenage years.

My period has never been regular, and it was a constant source of anxiety and embarrassment for me growing up, so when I heard aboutThinx, a reusable and period-absorbent underwear, I rushed to put in an order and put annoying period leakages behind me.

Thinx offers women the peace of mind to bleed without fear of leaks or stains. Thinx undies look and feel like regular underwear, but its most absorbent items can do the job of four tampons while staying dry to the touch and neutralizing odors. Once they’ve done their job, you can pop them in the wash, and they’re good as new.

Based in New York City, Thinx Inc. launched in 2013 to solve the problem of period leaks for menstraters everywhere, and now it is expanding its line to include protection for bladder leaks as well. The absorbent technology in itsSpeaxline can help women keep minor leakages from turning into a major issue.

“Thinx Inc. is committed to breaking taboos, and that includes bladder leaks,” said CJ Frogozo, VP of Community at Thinx, Inc. “We believe we have helped open the conversation around periods, and we are committed to doing the same with bladder leaks. One in three women experience bladder leaks, so we want women to know they’re not alone and shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it.”

The Absorbent Technology Catches Light to Moderate Leakages

Just as Thinx changed the way women handle their periods, Speax aims to change how they deal with bladder issues. This underwear line has吸水和防臭技术to keep any leaks from ruining the wearer’s day.

Speax is stronger than it looks. These silky smooth panties can hold up to eight teaspoons of liquid, and its quick-drying lining ensures the wearer doesn’t feel damp or uncomfortable.

Photo of Speax French Cut

Speax comes in many different styles, colors, sizes, and absorbency levels.

“They have a technology built in that absorbs light-to-moderate bladder leaks, as well as eliminates the odor associated with leaks,” CJ explained. “This means you can avoid the embarrassment that often comes at the gym or in social settings when you leak.”

Speax products are fashion-forward with attractive designs ranging from high-waist cuts and hiphuggers to bikinis and thongs. The sizes start at XS and go up to 5XL, and there’s a handy尺寸图to help online shoppers find the right fit.

Thinx公司想出了一个lternative to single-use products, so wearers can catch leaks, put the underwear in the wash, and use it again and again.

The Speax line can make a big environmental impact because adult incontinence products make up 7% of the world’s landfills whereas baby diapers only make up 2%. This is a major source of waste around the world, and Speax is tackling that issue with innovative products that look and feel fantastic.

“Because the underwear is washable and reusable, it also means no more putting disposable products in landfills,” CJ explained. “Speax really are better for the body and better for the planet.”

Removing the Stigma Against Adult Bladder Issues

Since its early days, Thinx Inc. has advocated on behalf of women and created underwear that makes them feel comfortable, attractive, and protected. Its products have raised awareness about the issue of period leaks and bladder leaks, and empowered women to deal with these everyday challenges in an emotionally liberating and environmentally friendly way.

Photo of women wearing Thinx products

Thinx products look after people who are on their periods or experiencing bladder leaks.

该Thinx团队代表其产品的质量落后。公司坚持rigorous safety standards, has a guilt-free 60-day return policy, and provides multiple sizes and styles to fit women of all body types.

Many Thinx team members have experienced leaks in their personal lives and have found a solution in the absorbent underwear. CJ said the Speax line has helped her go on dates and even do strenuous workouts at trampoline classes without worry.

“It wasn’t that long ago that I was a person with bladder leaks in the dating scene,” CJ said. “With Speax, there was no reason to worry during a date or in a romantic situation that my bladder leak would become a distraction from the moment.”

Speax Gives Women the Freedom to Dance Without Worry

我从经验中知道period or bladder leak can be an instant mood killer on a date. One minute you’re enjoying the thrill of romance, and the next you’re running away from your date as fast as your legs can carry you, and any intimacy is decidedly off the table.

Thinx Inc. is in business to help women avoid embarrassment and overcome any shame over a natural bodily function. The Thinx underwear line has given women the confidence to live their lives without needing to carry an arsenal of feminine products, and now Speax is reaching out to help people experiencing bladder leaks.

Speax is an absorbent, comfortable, flexible, and sexy line of panties that have women covered and can keep their secrets, so they can go about their days stress-free.

“We are always looking for ways to offer the Speax customers new styles, colors and prints, so watch this space for our upcoming launches,” CJ said.