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简短的版本:People may think of etiquette as knowing how much to tip at a restaurant or holding the door for someone else. But Jodi RR Smith, Founder ofMannersmith Etiquette Consulting, wants people to expand their concept of manners. According to Jodi, etiquette involves rules for behavior that make both people involved in an interaction feel respected. Behaving well on a first date — or early in a new relationship — is important, which is why Jodi has so many single clients who turn to her for etiquette help.

A bride-to-be was struggling to develop a healthy relationship with her future mother-in-law. Her fiancé’s mother wanted to help her plan every aspect of her wedding, something the bride-to-be didn’t want.

与此同时,她不知道该如何告诉她即将成为母亲,婆婆不跟婚礼策划这么爱出风头。她还必须导航问她未来的丈夫站起来为她 - 这是他迄今尚未完成。



新娘将要被相冲突,所以她与乔迪RR史密斯,方正连接Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, to discuss how to proceed.

“I encouraged her to take a step back. The wedding ceremony is the foundation for your relationship going forward. I asked her, ‘Ten years from now in your marriage, do you want to make your husband have every conversation with your mother-in-law?” Jodi said of the situation.


Jodi encouraged the bride-to-be to make a compromise that would leave them both happy.


In the end, both the bride-to-be and mother-in-law were satisfied: The older woman planned parts of the wedding the younger woman wasn’t interested in. That set the tone for their relationship in the long term, which meant they could settle conflicts without the groom’s involvement.

Jodi helps her Mannersmith clients achieve results that affect many aspects of their lives, including making a good first impression on a date. That’s why singles frequently turn to her for advice and guidance as they navigate the modern dating scene.

A Departure From the Traditional Rules of Dating

Jodi said she didn’t start Mannersmith to help clients understand the etiquette of dating or interpersonal relationships, but she quickly discovered that her expertise in manners coaching translated to many different settings.

Before she founded Mannersmith in 1996, she worked in HR and noticed that many smart, kind people weren’t getting the promotions or raises they sought. That was typically because they lacked the interpersonal skills they needed to move up at work.

所以乔迪-开发指导程序集中on teaching etiquette skills for professionals. As she moved from company to company through her career, she was repeatedly asked to deliver the seminar.



“The skills I was teaching people to use in the workplace were the same skills they could use at home. If you have to have a difficult conversation with a coworker, for instance, those are the same skills you’d use to talk to your significant other,” Jodi said.

In the dating world, Jodi gives her clients advice about how they can present their best selves to a date. According to Jodi, when you first start dating someone, you don’t want your potential partner to focus on a bad habit you have and decide they’re not interested in a second date.






Those having trouble with interpersonal interactions could take the个人协议研讨会,旨在提高特定技能。其他人可能需要注册为“仁慈用餐的艺术”或“七精明的秘密个人波兰语。”这两个讲座都只有几个小时之久,并可以提供参与者与新同事或约会对象的交互的优势。




她还出版了书籍,讨论最常见的礼仪错误男女双方提出的,一个专注于一般的失误。前两本书是“从懵懵懂懂到类行动:礼仪为现代男士”和“From Clueless to Class Act: Manners for the Modern Woman“。她的举止综合本书题为“礼仪书:一个完整​​的指南现代礼仪“。

If readers can’t find the answer they need, Jodi will answer their questions via email.


Mannersmith: Good Manners Improve Interactions

During this time of social distancing, when most people aren’t actively dating in person, Jodi suggests that singles rethink their habits. For instance, she said she thinks that most people are overusing dating apps and texting tools to get to know potential partners.

“Those tools are there to get you to the date; they’re not the date itself. Those factors might not be there when you meet in person,” Jodi said.

She also suggests singles consider what they want from dating. Do they want to have fun or find a long-term partner?


Perhaps what stands out most about Jodi’s advice is that it doesn’t sound like traditional manners. Instead, she offers relevant, timely suggestions for behaving well. That’s what Jodi said she most wants to convey about her profession: Manners are not stuffy or old-fashioned. Instead, they are continually evolving rules to make living in society easier for everyone.

“Etiquette is about providing guidelines, so we actually enjoy interpersonal interactions. These are all things that make interacting with each other more pleasant,” Jodi said.