Theres No Hell On Earth Like The Friend Zone

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Nick Slade
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“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here,” is the warning inscribed above the gates of hell in Dante’s Inferno. The prospects of success are nearly as grim for those who dare to enter that other-worldly dimension — where a woman keeps her harem of emasculated gophers, handymen and confidants — known as “The Friend Zone.”

Never ask a woman她是一个人寻找,因为她没有线索。真的,她在捡妇女或找到一个没有经验girlfriend. Oh, she will tell you she wants a pleasant man-child with good manners who treats her like a lady, caters to her every whim and is in touch with his tender and sensitive feminine side. That, my friends, is a load of bullshevickpropaganda.

She’s got you on a string.

You know that sweet, young lovely you spent last evening with, hooking up her surround sound and cleaning up her hard drive? Well, there she goes on the back of a motorcycle with Spider, the tattooed bad boy with eight facial piercings and a purple mohawk. And you know what else? She’s going to take real good care of his hard drive when they get back to her apartment.

All you got was her hand on your cheek, a smile and a really short hug, just enough to keep you有兴趣and yearning for more. She’sgot you on a stringnow.

She wants a manly man.

No matter what a woman may tell you, she is hard-wired by nature to seek a manly man who will produce strong offspring. She may not believe in her mind nice guys finish last, but in her veins and her soul, she believes nice guys will finish first during sex.

Yourkindness and sensitivitywill never excite her or arouse her womanly desires. You might get a little pity sex, and she might even wish she could fall for you. But she can’t. Love is based on animal instincts not intellectual wishes. In fact, if she can manipulate you and push you around, she will eventually come to despise you for being less than a man.

Be kind but stand strong.