How Do You “Friend Zone” Someone? 5 Nice Ways

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Many of us have been there. You’re hanging out with friends and making jokes, and one of the women in the group says something flirty to you. It seems like she’s making a play for you. Unfortunately, you don’t feel the same.


如果你在这种情况下,你希望brush-off to be gentle but direct. Here’s the correct way to do this:


While you don’t necessarily want or need to say, “I think of you like a sister,” there are other ways to use your words toget your point across


Make sure your words are unambiguous. Don’t say, “It’s so much fun to hang out with you.” Tweak it to something like, “It’s so fun palling around with you. You’re one of my good friends!”


The best way to help a friend get over an infatuation is to help her get under someone new. Ask her about what her type is. Listen carefully to what she says. She may try and describe a guy exactly like you. If she does, just pretend that you don’t see the similarities.

If you are at a bar, party, or school, start suggesting guys who you think would be good for her, and then activelytry and help her out。如果她真的是你的朋友,你想让她快乐,所以帮她得到迷上了好处大家。




For the sake of trying to help her understand, don’t describe or pick a woman who is similar to her. Otherwise, she may continue making her play for you, thinking you’ll come around.

If she’s a cheerleader, tell her you’d love to meet a goth/nerd. If she’s an engineer, tell her you’re looking for a sporty tomboy. “See that woman over there? I want to go talk to her. What do you think I should say?”

If she is a true friend, she will help you, albeit sadly. If she gets hissy and tries to sabotage it, you may have to rethink your friendship.

3. Don’t Be a Perfect Gentleman

We tend to idolize people we like sometimes. They can do no wrong in our eyes. So do wrong!

Think about the comments or conversations you have with your guy friends. You talk about sweaty balls, huge dumps, etc. Now, you would never have that conversation with someone you were interested in and trying to woo. By including her in those conversations, you are implicitly telling her that she’s一个哥们and not a potential mate.


4. Don’t Accidentally Treat Her as You Would a Girlfriend

I’m a kind guy, and I like to be nice and help people. But there was one girl, Emily, who would take any simple or small nicety and inflate it and imagine I was coming around to wanting to date her.

We used to joke that I couldn’t say “bless you” to her without her taking it as a sign of interest. Don’t open doors for your friend who likes you, don’t buy her drinks if you’re not buying your dudes their drinks, and don’t spend a lot of time alone.

Wemen can be a little densesometimes, and while we think we’re just chillin’, she thinks how wonderful it is that you can trust her with all this personal info.

5. You’ll Want to Be Even More Gentle If You’ve Slept Together




So I would just always be busy if she wanted to do something other than… well, bang.

Photo of couple in bed


This can get complicated because many people think FWB is opening the door to a possible relationship. Or worse, it could have been entered into totally innocently, but then she catches feelings.





Then they find out the guy was only going along with it to get into her good graces and date her. When she politely declines, he gets all pissy and upset, claiming he just got friend-zoned.

老兄,你把她in the girlfriend zone. She thought she’d made a friend, and now she’s upset and heartbroken that the guy she thought was her friend was, in actuality, not.

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