6 Best Experts To Help You Through Divorce

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6 Best Experts to Help You Through Divorce

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Italian actress and fashion model Monica Bellucci said, “When people divorce, it’s always such a tragedy. At the same time, if people stay together, it can be even worse.”

Bellucci is right – divorce can be hard on everyone involved. However, there’s a silver lining, and that comes in the form of six wonderful folks who can help you through it and get you back on your dating horse.

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When he struggled to find answers regarding his own divorce, Couvrette knew there was a need for accessible information regarding divorce. He and his team sift through the tons of information out there and provide you with just the very best of what you need to know.

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Mary T. Kelly


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As a family and divorce mediator, Kelly knows the impact divorce has. Not only can she walk you through the divorce, but she also walks you through dating afterward. She will help you figure out the dynamics of those new relationships. She knows the path after divorce can be chaotic – that’s why she’s there to guide you.

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Dr. Karen Finn


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Faydra Koenig


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Koenig is no stranger to divorce. It’s been a part of her life since she was a child. Now she helps people get through their own divorces. She offers personal support and attention, even when that means taking on fewer clients, because she wants to do her best to be there for you during a difficult time.

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A psychologist and certified life coach, Tutin focuses on helping people who are going through major transitions in their life – like divorce. She’ll help you figure out what comes next, as well as guide you in figuring out your strengths so you can find more satisfaction in your post-divorce life.

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