Study: Google Trends Data Reveals These 10 Cities Search Tinder the Most

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Tinder forever changed the dating scene when it launched in September 2012. The dating app pioneered a swiping system that encourages singles to treat love like a game of Hot or Not. And it has blown up.

在一年之内推出的,Tinder was processing over 350 million swipesand over 4 million matches per day. Within two years, it was processing over a billion swipes per day and hadnearly 50 million active users。Today, swiping culture continues to thrive, and Tinder has created30十亿比赛in 190 countries worldwide.

We decided to dig deeper into those impressive numbers and find out which U.S. cities harbor some of the most active and enthusiastic Tinder users.



在大城市里火绒保持一个活跃的用户基础from coast to coast, and online analytics can reveal where it is exceptionally popular. Google Trends assigned values from 0-100 to represent Tinder’s popularity in major cities. Its scores compare the number of searches for Tinder city by city. Check out the map below to see the top 10 cities where swiping culture is alive and well.

As you can see, Tinder is a widespread dating resource with followers on the East Coast, on the West Coast, and in the Midwest. Since its launch, Tinder has endeavored to start a social movement that empowers singles and facilitates relationships, and millions of Americans have jumped on board.

1. Berkeley, CA

According to data collected from Google Trends, Berkeley, California, has the distinction of being the most Tinder-friendly city in the U.S. The liberal city saw the most searches for Tinder of any city, and thus earned a perfect score of 100 on Google’s sliding scale. Berkeley’s youthful population is undoubtedly driving Tinder’s popularity in the area. The平均年龄在伯克利31.4

Berkley is home to the University of California at Berkeley, whichwelcomes over 30,000 undergraduatesand over 11,000 graduate students every fall. All these intelligent and tech-savvy students have to find a date somewhere in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley, and it seems many of them turn to Tinder to solve their romantic problems.

2. Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins may seem stuck in the past with itsOld Town district,古董车,和历史的展品,但它的居民几乎一样精通技术和最新型的大学伯克利分校的学生。科罗拉多城实际看到的谷歌上搜索火种第二高的数字。它打进83满分100,这意味着单身的高浓度正在寻找一个约会的应用程序提升自己的爱情生活。金宝博

Photo of Fort Collins, CO


作为第四大人口城市在科罗拉多州,堡垒Collins supports a thriving urban population, many of whom are students enrolled at Colorado State University or Front Range Community College. These universities help keep Fort Collins young. In fact, a majority of Fort Collins residents are under 45 years old. According to the 2010 census,22.1% of residents are between 18 and 24 years oldand 31.5% are between 25 and 44 years old. The median age is 29.3, which is significantly younger than科罗拉多州的36.7年龄中位数

Someover-30 singles took to Reddit to complain about a lack of dating options在科罗拉多州柯林斯堡,但一个人插话与智慧的一些有用的话:“有魅力的女性随处可见。如果你不是一个蠕变,我不明白你为什么会出现问题。”


27.5年龄中位数,安阿伯是在美国最年轻的城市之一It also happens to be one of the most Tinder-friendly cities according to Google searches. Ann Arbor scored an 82 out of 100 on our value system.

It seems local Wolverines have a pretty positive outlook on swiping.As @UMich_Tinder writes on Twitter,“Tinder is how people meet. It’s like real life, but better.”

As with the other cities on the list, the university student population seems to be driving Tinder’s popularity in the region.该University of Michigan has over 63,000 students enrolledand offers over 275 degree programs in various fields. It seems many students here are also hoping to minor in online dating and pick up a date a Tinder.

4. Tempe, Arizona

坦佩是家庭对亚利桑那州立大学,这是one of the largest public colleges in the countryin terms of overall enrollment numbers. In fall 2016,亚利桑那州立大学招收了近72000学生谁把它的地铁校园类。这些学生的搜索历史的我们的谷歌趋势的评估发现他们感兴趣的打了一个日期,同时击中的书籍。坦佩有得分的78选自100。


Arizona State University in Tempe has one of the largest undergraduate populations in the U.S.

平均年龄在Tempe为28.5,这是成熟的结婚年龄。Arizona’s average marrying age is 28.4。A lot of people assume Tinder is only useful for short-term hookups and casual dating, but a 2017 survey revealed that火种18和36之间的用户更有可能会寻找一个承诺的关系than are offline daters.

5. Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is another college town with a relatively young population.该median age is just 26.5。Florida State University may not be the largest university in the state, but its students are the most enthusiastic Tinder users in Florida. Google Trends scored Tallahassee a 78 out of 100 in terms of overall Tinder searches.

Say what you will about the Noles, but they’re serious about finding a date inTallanasty。该州首府自然吸引受过教育的,雄心勃勃的个人谁将会尽一切帮你搞定。许多居民塔拉哈西有火种一个爱恨交加的关系,并认为它是的单身的必要之恶。金宝博


6. Madison, WI

Madison is home to the Wisconsin State Capitol Building, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, andover 247,000 residents。该city is the second most populous city in Wisconsin, and it has the second most active Tinder user base in the Midwest. Madison scored a 75 on Google Trends’ 100-point scale of Tinder searches.

Photo of Madison, WI

When sub-zero temperatures keep Madison locals indoors, singles still find a way to date on Tinder.

杨和单威斯康星獾很可金宝博能推动火种当地的知名度。而城市的平均年龄是31.2可敬,疯狂镇(为孩子们称呼它)是家在大学一个相当大的年轻人口。UW-Madison is home to over 44,000 students。When not hitting the books, many of these students are online hitting up local dates.

7. Boston, MA

波士顿是,出人意料的是,只有新英格金宝博兰城市我们的名单上。豆城可能已经founded on Puritan values,but today’s residents aren’t exactly saving themselves for marriage or shy about looking for a date. Boston scored a 72 out of 100 when comparing its Tinder searches to that of other cities.

A Boston Herald poll found that居民59%的人认为波士顿是一个很好的城市单身金宝博。该median age is 32.1, and over 68% of residents are single. That’s a huge dating pool in a big city, so it makes sense that many Boston singles would use Tinder’s swiping features to narrow their prospect down to the most viable candidates withthe best photos of themselves on the Lawn on D’s swings


西雅图是著名的阴雨天,咖啡馆,和枯燥乏味的音乐,并且它也列为one of the loneliest cities in the U.S.Seattle has a total population of 608,000 people, and大约117,00人独自住在西雅图。- 大概喝咖啡,一边看着神情落寞下雨以外的窗口。

Tinder offers Seattle singles an escape from loneliness, and many have taken it. Google Trends assessed local searches for the Tinder dating app and gave Seattle a score of 72 out of 100 in comparison to other cities.


Despite the cloudy weather, the forecast for Seattle singles isn’t so dreary thanks to online dating.

火种拥有西雅图的活动交友者之间的总体好感。“我想通火种是一个很好的办法不继续约会我的朋友,”说一个18岁的西雅图单金宝博,who’d recently gotten out of a relationship. “There’s all these new people in town I wouldn’t meet otherwise.”

9. Tucson, AZ

作为亚利桑那大学的家中,图森,势必有一个活跃的约会的场面。这个公共机构有a total undergraduate enrollment of 34,153。Pima Community College and the Pima Medical Institute in Tucson also contribute to the youthful vibes about town. The median age in Tucson is 33.4, but the bar-hopping crowd down on Sixth Street tell a different story.


想要获得在图森的火种现场,近距离和个人的样子?然后,你应该做一个小挖在网上。该Tinder of Tuscon Tumblr page充满张贴球员谁,好了,正在尽最大的尴尬,愚蠢,和彻头彻尾的搞笑轮廓。

10. Portland, OR

Portland is the largest city in Oregon. In 1899, a local newspaper dubbed it “the city of churches,” but locals these daysfondly refer to Portland as “Beervana”because of the high concentration of breweries downtown. Singles here enjoy drinking craft brews and mixing things up on Tinder. Portland residents search for Tinder at a comparatively high rate, scoring a 65 out of 100 on Google Trends.

Photo of Portland, OR

Women outnumber men in Portland, which has an unbalanced gender ratio of 100:156.

虽然开拓者是不完全是一个年轻的城市(中位年龄范围为36.8),它有大量的未婚居民。惊人57% of Portland residents are single,这是比在状态的其余部分高20%。波特兰千禧一代也有离婚率最高的年龄组,在城市贡献3.9每100个离婚。At least they have plenty of breweries where they can drink away the pain, download an app, and start again.

Methodology & Sources

We evaluated Google Trends data over the past 12 months (2/8/18 – 2/8/19) for the “Tinder App” and filtered the results by “cities” including low-search volume areas to get the highest per-capita results. Results are based on a 0 – 100 score rating.

其他背景信息是从收集datausa.io福布斯该New York Times,美国人口普查局,BestLifeWorld Population Review,and人口普查记者,among others. We also pulled Tinder user testimonials from Reddit discussion threads. Photos of the cities were chosen from Shutterstock’s photo collection.